Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Dreaming...

Mmm, I just woke up from a real sexy dream. It was so hot in fact I slept right through my alarm and missed my first class – oops.

I can't quite remember how it started, but most dreams are like that. Some reason I was looking for a job and I wasn't having much luck. I go to the cafeteria at my collage where a lot of fliers are posted and one catches my eye. It was for some kind of study abroad/intern kind of thing, it made a lot more sense in my sleep. But the flier was an assistant to some kind of archeological dig thing, it was for 6 months and you would get paid 20 thousand, get flown out into the middle of some jungle and help some team with their research AND earn collage credit! Now I have never thought much about living in the jungle for 6 month but for all the flier was offering why the hell not? So I was certainly intrigued. I was to see a certain professor about the position since it was his research he was conducting. I had never heard of this professor before, but that was because he was overseas doing his research. He apparently flown back in because he needed a new assistant and was conducting the interview. I know diddly squat about jungles or archeology or any of that, but the flier didn't mention any certain kind of qualifications, so why the hell not? I decided to go see this professor right away.

I found his office and knocked on the door. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the office and discovered a gorgeous, strapping blonde gentleman sitting behind the desk. He was dressed in adventure gear, like like safari clothes, only with out the hat... don't ask me it was a dream... the handsome blond looked up from his paper work, “Ah, have a seat, I'm sure you are here to inquire about about the fliers I had posted.” he said in an English accent – yummy. I took a seat. The handsome professor then began describing his work to me and what I would be to expect, rattling off shit about how hot the jungle was and the giant insects and how this wouldn't be any kind of picnic. I wasn't sure what to think then, would everything the add was offering be worth having to suffer through 6 months in a sweaty straw hut with no running water and giant mosquitoes? But I would be there with that hunky professor. While I was weighing my options the professor stood up. “I think you may be what I am looking for,” he said. “Please come this way I would like to test you out.” Maybe it won't be so bad if this hottie thinks I’m qualified. I followed him into another room. It looked like a small locker room, the wall were cinder block and there were showers everywhere but there no lockers. Before I could even ask what we were doing there the professor begins taking off my clothes. He was so hypnotically handsome I didn't at all protest. The water on all the showers came on, and the room was instantly steamy. The professor had all his clothes off too. He was so much taller than me, I had to reach up so high to wrap my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around me too. I very vividly remember the glistening sweat on his body. Even though we were still in that strange locker room we were no longer at my collage, we in the jungle in some kind of bathhouse. His glistening sweat was from from the sweltering heat and humidity of the jungle. I pressed my naked body against his and enjoyed the sensation of our bodies gliding together from our wet glowing skin. The air was so hot and steamy, it put you into a trance. The blonde professor's arms were so strong and sure I simply melted into him, as we made love in the shower.

When I finally woke it it was 12 in the afternoon 0_0 … my bad. I thought hell, I already missed more than late for my first class, I’ll just skip it all together and stay in bed. I was feeling so horny, I pulled the covers up and imagined me back in the showers with my dream professor... tee hee!