Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brief Hiatus

Boy oh boy last week was a doozie! I'm sure you all missed me though ;) and I missed you too. But I am back and ready to play!

While last week I was busy with a number of things you can be sure that I was also busy getting busy. I spent a few days with my fuck buddy, my friend's brother if you recall. Sometimes I just need an extra special escape so I skipped classes and stayed a few days with him at his house. Talk about some sexual healing! Mmmmmmm.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Dreaming...

Mmm, I just woke up from a real sexy dream. It was so hot in fact I slept right through my alarm and missed my first class – oops.

I can't quite remember how it started, but most dreams are like that. Some reason I was looking for a job and I wasn't having much luck. I go to the cafeteria at my collage where a lot of fliers are posted and one catches my eye. It was for some kind of study abroad/intern kind of thing, it made a lot more sense in my sleep. But the flier was an assistant to some kind of archeological dig thing, it was for 6 months and you would get paid 20 thousand, get flown out into the middle of some jungle and help some team with their research AND earn collage credit! Now I have never thought much about living in the jungle for 6 month but for all the flier was offering why the hell not? So I was certainly intrigued. I was to see a certain professor about the position since it was his research he was conducting. I had never heard of this professor before, but that was because he was overseas doing his research. He apparently flown back in because he needed a new assistant and was conducting the interview. I know diddly squat about jungles or archeology or any of that, but the flier didn't mention any certain kind of qualifications, so why the hell not? I decided to go see this professor right away.

I found his office and knocked on the door. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the office and discovered a gorgeous, strapping blonde gentleman sitting behind the desk. He was dressed in adventure gear, like like safari clothes, only with out the hat... don't ask me it was a dream... the handsome blond looked up from his paper work, “Ah, have a seat, I'm sure you are here to inquire about about the fliers I had posted.” he said in an English accent – yummy. I took a seat. The handsome professor then began describing his work to me and what I would be to expect, rattling off shit about how hot the jungle was and the giant insects and how this wouldn't be any kind of picnic. I wasn't sure what to think then, would everything the add was offering be worth having to suffer through 6 months in a sweaty straw hut with no running water and giant mosquitoes? But I would be there with that hunky professor. While I was weighing my options the professor stood up. “I think you may be what I am looking for,” he said. “Please come this way I would like to test you out.” Maybe it won't be so bad if this hottie thinks I’m qualified. I followed him into another room. It looked like a small locker room, the wall were cinder block and there were showers everywhere but there no lockers. Before I could even ask what we were doing there the professor begins taking off my clothes. He was so hypnotically handsome I didn't at all protest. The water on all the showers came on, and the room was instantly steamy. The professor had all his clothes off too. He was so much taller than me, I had to reach up so high to wrap my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around me too. I very vividly remember the glistening sweat on his body. Even though we were still in that strange locker room we were no longer at my collage, we in the jungle in some kind of bathhouse. His glistening sweat was from from the sweltering heat and humidity of the jungle. I pressed my naked body against his and enjoyed the sensation of our bodies gliding together from our wet glowing skin. The air was so hot and steamy, it put you into a trance. The blonde professor's arms were so strong and sure I simply melted into him, as we made love in the shower.

When I finally woke it it was 12 in the afternoon 0_0 … my bad. I thought hell, I already missed more than late for my first class, I’ll just skip it all together and stay in bed. I was feeling so horny, I pulled the covers up and imagined me back in the showers with my dream professor... tee hee!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sissy Boi Jim

Sissies are so much fun to play with especially the one I played with the other night. I loved making this little sissy feel like a dirty little whore. She said she wanted to take my strap on, as if I would just bend her over and do what she likes – HA! I made her work for it first. After whipping her into shape, I dug my longs shiny fingernails into her back, scratching along the red lines across her back. I loved making her flinch as I scraped her worn flesh with my nails, and boy did that get her wet! Such a little hussy, time to paint her face like the hussy slut she is. I made her put on coats of this trashy red lipstick, only a straight up street walker would wear, lol. See when I make someone suck on my plastic dick, I like to know just how far down they can actually take it. I was pleased to see a red ring of lipstick right around the base of my long cock. As her reward I fucked the shit out of her slutty mouth. I know she wanted more. I made that little girly boi gag on my cock, and then when the little bitch was coughing and struggling for air, I turned her around and pulled her little pink panties down and fucked her like the sissy slut she is. You want to be my pretty little play thing too don't you? Then quit hesitating and call me, bitch!

Call Button

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Naughty Neighbor Nabs the Girl Next Door

It would seem I am being facebook stalked and by my friends dad of all people! My friend must be a real dumb ass though, why would you friend your own dad and not remember to adjust the privacy settings? No one needs their folks finding out about what really happens at the frat parties or what we wear out to clubs. Then again its not too shocking, my friend is “Blonde” with a capital “B”! I didn't friend her dad but because we were both tagged in the same pic he saw he me too. My friend called me crying, saying that since those pictures got out daddy was going to yank her out of school and stop paying for tuition. She begged for me to come and talk to her dad, and explain that it wasn't so bad. Her dad always liked me, probably because I’m her smartest friend. It was a total pain, I had to catch the train back home to talk to her dad, but what are friends for?

My friend picked me up at the station, her dad said she couldn't go to classes anymore until this mess gets straitened out. I asked why the hell she friended her dad in the first place. She explained that her dad has been trying to start over since her parents officially got divorced and doing shit like facebook to feel younger. Her dad actually isn't too old, it was one of those deals where he knocked my friend's mother up right out of high school, so they got married. They had my my friend, and a few more babies but they really weren't happily married. To tell the truth my friend's mom is sortah a bitch... and kinda fat. So I’m glad they finally split. When we got to the house my friend explained that her dad wanted me to talk to him alone, he even gave my friend money to take her little brother's out for pizza. I thought this all sounded weird, but my friend doesn't want to get yanked out of school, and I don't want her too either.

I go into the house, her dad is in his office. Honestly I almost didn't recognize him, divorcing his bitch wife took years off his appearance, and it seemed he shaped up some as well. My friend's dad was never a bad looking guy, but I had no idea he could look so hot! “Mr. Andrews, I hardly recognized you!” I told him. “Yes Alice, and your looking good as well.” Mr. Andrews stood up and shut the door behind me. “I'm sorry Alice, my daughter may be growing up, but I still have small boys, I know I sent them out of the house but in case they come back early I don't want them to know why their sister is in trouble.” Mr. Andrews explained.

As he shut the door I noticed the new picture hanging in the office, but they didn't look new. “Oh these,” My friends dad said as he noticed me looking at the pictures. “I use to be on the swim team in high school, I truly had a swimmer's body, when I got divorced I dug these up to remind myself, I want it to be like the last 21 years never happened...” “You seem to be hitting the mark.” I told my neighbor. The young man in the picture looked almost exactly like the man that stood before me, a tall chiseled man with ashy brown hair. The most noticeable difference was the gray steaks that adorned both his temples. Still altogether, very pleasing to the eyes. There was something about the way he stood before me, though. It was unsettling. He was standing a little too close.

“You know why I asked you to speak with me right?” I nodded “You have always been a big influence on my daughter. She has always been so shy, never you though. I'm afraid of the influence you may have over her. You seem like a very wild girl. “Look Mr. Andrews, that was just one party...” I Began.
Mr. Andrews sat at his desk. He began typing on his computer he pulled up my friend's facebook account. “Your only telling me half the truth. That was one party for her, but you...” He turned the computer screen around. He pulled all the incriminating photo's he could find. Pictures of me drunk, dancing, wearing a skimpy dress... photos of were my tits were just about to pop out... there were even a few of me making out with different people. “How did you get her password?” I demanded “That stuff is private!”

“Private? Then why did you go posting it all over the internet?”my neighbor asked.
“It can only be viewed by my friends and that's not even your account, its your daughter's!”
“I made her give me the password. She's a good girl, but not you... you seem intent on being a little slut.”

“You're crazy, that's a violation of privacy and I don't have to talk to you!” I got up and and almost made it to the door. Her dad was creeping me out. But before my hand could reach the nob my neighbor slammed his hand on the door. He pinned me up to the door. This was feeling weird and so wrong... then he sniffed my hair. He breathed it in deep like an animal, I have to admit it always turns me on when a guy does something like that. It was feeling so weird but I was getting so turned on.

“Alice... I missed out on the last 21 years of my life. I turn around and my daughter is all grown, and so are you. You're such a hot a little thing, having the time of your life. You taunt me in those picture you know. I bet you are such a good fuck. And I can already smell how wet you are getting.”

It's not often a guy can cause me to blush, my friend's dad is right about me being so wild, but nothing like this has ever happened. This felt so forbidden, but there is just something so seductive about doing what your not supposed to do. Still this was by far the naughtiest thing I have ever done, I stood there blushing and tongue tied as Mr. Andrews reached up my shirt. He undid my bra like a pro and cupped my breasts. “Your nipples are already so hard. Your tits must be very sensitive.” I wanted to protest but all that could escape my lips was a slight moan. He was absolutely right about my tits. And I really couldn't resist my hot neighbor, even if he is my friends dad.

Mr. Andrews cupped and squeezed my tits as he pressed me against the door. He was still behind me but I could feel his hard cock stirring in his pants. He angled his hard on between my skirt as he fondled my tits. This too made me groan, my pussy was getting tingly real fast. “Oh Alice, do you feel what you do to me? You get it so throbbing hard, ever since I saw you in that picture. I never knew that I had such a wild slut for a neighbor! You were right under my nose. I have been jerking off so hard to your pictures. You nasty little tease! You won't tease me though.” I felt so dirty being talked to like that. I have had other boys try to talk dirty to me before, but there is an art to it. Who knew my friends dad was so good at it.

Mr. Andrews began dry humping me as he pulled on my nipple. I had to brace myself against the door. I just knew Mr. Andrews must fuck like a wild bull. He reached down with his other hand and felt my pussy through my panties, teasing my wanton cunt. That's the difference between a man and a boy. A boy would feel a wet pussy and not hesitate to shove his cock up it. But a man, Mr. Andrews, would drive my pussy crazy first. He ran his fingers over my wet spot, over and over again. I was throbbing so hard. I needed to feel some penetration or I would go nuts. It wasn't helping that he was poking me with his hard cock, put it was through layers of cloths and I needed more. “Your going crazy!” my neighbor whispered in my ear. “I can feel you twitching...” And with that Mr. Andrews turned me around. I'm facing him now, in one fluid motion he tears my shirt and bra off of me. He buries his face between my tits and slathers his tongue all over them as he squeezes them together. The whole time teasing my pussy with his fully clothed hard on. My neighbor was absolutely ravenous for my tits. They are,I have to say one my best features, they look so good that people have asked me if they were fake. Mr. Andrews took his shirt off next, revealing his masculine frame. For a guy with kids he sure had a great looking chest, or even guys with out kids hardly have bodies as finely sculpted as this. It felt even better to feel his bare skin against mine. He sucked and squeezed my perfect 36 c's with his one hand and his mouth, as his other hand creeped over my panties. This time though he rubbed me under my panties instead of over, pussy juice was everywhere. He slipped his finger up my hole. It felt so good. My cunt was so engorged with desire, but a finger would only be a wicked a tease when my pussy knew that this was solid dick so close by.

I squirmed and moaned. My neighbor teased my pussy to the brink. “Alice, ugh, Alice... your so fucking wet! And I can tell your cunt is so snug.” then with out any warning Mr. Andrews squatted down. He tore my panties down and sat me right on his face. I was bobbing up and down ridding Mr. Andrews tongue, my body half supported on his shoulder, half pressed against the door. And despite the precariousness of my position I couldn't help but thrash around. I shake so uncontrollably when my pussy is being licked. I tugged and pulled at my neighbor's hair, something I tend to do when a guy eats me out, and I swear its by sheer luck that I haven't ripped out anyone's hair yet.

The next thing I know I was on my back, my neighbor slammed me down. He sat his legs down over mine forcing my legs open. Mr. Andrews unzipped his pants and revealed his throbbing hard cock, it was veiny, 8 inch piece of man meat, and it was dripping wet. “Ugh, Alice, I never fucked a fire bush before, your cunt is so fucking beautiful, but you're too damn excited, I don't want you cumming the instant I slam my cock into you.” Even with my pussy spread out before my neighbor, it was still so intoxicatingly dirty to hear him talk to like that. He teased me by rubbing his shaft over my pussy lips. Basting it in my juices. “I want my cock real wet when I fuck your awesome tits, Alice!” and with that neighbor leaned over me pressed my tits against his cock. His cock glided smoothly between my boobs. He grabbed my hands and made me hold my tits in place. Now with his hands free, my neighbor pulled on my hair and placed my mouth on his cock, now he was fucking my tits and my mouth. With his other hand he reached backed teased my pussy more. I had never been played with like this before.

When my neighbor had enough of fucking my tits and mouth he pulled out and I caught my breath. I don't know how other girls can suck cock and have their pussy played with or eaten the same time. I always lose my breath and start to choke. Mr. Andrews then scooped me up and placed me on his desk. He forced me on my back and then forced my legs to open as wide as then could go. “Alice, this what I had pictured you to look like. When I first saw the pictures of you on facbook, how wild you had become once you left home and went to school. The thought of me seeing your legs wide open and your bare little ginger cunt exposed to me... does it make you feel dirty knowing that you are getting ravished by a nasty pervert. I could be your dad. This is your punishment for being a young little slut, a dirty little temptress. I'm going to teach you a lesson for being such a young slut. Young sluts will eventually attract old perverts. And unlike those boys you have been teasing, old perverts know how to fuck, and fuck hard!”

And with that my neighbor planted his throbbing hard dick straight into my pussy. With my legs so wide open I had no defense, I have snug little cunt, most guys need a moment to work it in, but my cunt was so wet and held so wide, my neighbor could pound me like a jack hammer from the get go! I came so quickly the first time. But my neighbor wasn't done. He fucked me bent over the desk, he made me ride his cock, he held me side ways. I came over and over again. And when it was finally over and we both caught our breath. He told me that he would drive me home, he said he didn't expect to get so carried away that it would look so completely obvious that we shagged like wild monkeys.

He drove me back to my apartment near campus. Before I got out I told him that while he may have fucked me like a little slut, if he didn't want it getting back to his daughter and others that he is a dirty old pervert that preys on young girls he'll keep paying his daughter's tuition. He agreed so long as we kept seeing each other. Fine with me, that was one of the hottest fucks ever. My neighbor explained that when he saw me on facebook he just had to have me. “I missed out on being 21,” he said “That was so fucking hot back there. But I remember when I was around your age, how hot it would be just to be making out with girl, maybe you could slide your hand up her skirt if you were lucky.” Mr. Anderson winked at me. So as if to seal our agreement we made out like teenagers in the front seat, and he got lucky enough to slip his hand up my skirt.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking for a playmate?

Are hot collage girls your thing? Want a kinky co-ed to play with? Instead of hitting the books I'd rather hit the sheets for an all night cram session. I just love older guys, especial ones with a nice big bulge in their wallet. It gets me feeling so hot knowing that my playtime is being well funded. After all I'm a hard working collage girl, factor in tuition, rent, books.... well how's a girl to have a good time with all that weighing her down? Give me a call now. We can get nasty and play. I'm open minded and I love to role play. Cum on show me a good time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Taking matters into my own hands...

Is it just me or is the winter so much more frustrating then the summer? I get so frick'n horny in the middle of winter! It's not like I can't find anyone to play with, but it does take a lot more effort than it does in the summer. Everyone is inside and cranky because they're cold. There's a lot less parties, and lot less going on at the club scene. And even I have to admit that on nights when its below freezing I’d rather just stay in all tucked in under the covers and not have to bother with anyone either. Even though my need to socialize goes down, my needs to fuck and please myself haven't. That's why I decided its time to take matters into my own hands – lol! Its about high time I bought a new vibrator, a fancier model too, a real upgrade. I was still using the 6” pink, ubberly cheap rip off of the rabbit I bought the second I turned 18.

Truth be told I had been wanting to upgrade for a while, but I remember the kind of fit one of my old boyfriends pitched when he discovered that I bought myself a toy – holy hell, talk about insecurity! Another good reason why older guys are so much better, they understand that even the best carpenters use power tools – lol! Mmmm, just takes me back to a great fuck I had last summer, I had a friend who works in a hotel and she could get into the VIP lounge for free and even get me a few drinks for free. That's when I met this hot older guy. He was in town for only 2 nights, but fuck was it a good 2 nights! He brought a little, water proof purple vibrator with him on his travels. He told me he loved watching it go to work on a women, he took me into the shower with me and held it on my clit and he had to hold me down because I couldn't stop shaking.... oh yeah, that was a good time! And he wasn't all insecure about using toys. I have thought a lot about buying a better vibe, but since a lot of the boys I sleep with are my age, people from school or ones I met at parties, I get afraid that my fun will get ruined if I make mention of toy. So I have been holding off. But I'm just getting so horny! I wanted a nice waterproof model, one that was bigger and had more speeds. So I decided to finally treat myself, I mean screw it, I’m so done screwing around with boys who are going to get intimidated by me pleasuring myself with something other than their cocks. I went online and found this great silver rabbit-esque model, 10 different speeds, bigger, fatter and waterproof. I ordered and its on its way.... I can't wait for the fun to begin....!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last Friday Nite....

For some reason like 10 bajillion of my friends are born in January. So just to make things easier they all get together and throw a super hawt party every year. Which is great, cuz there's not much to look forward to in the middle of winter, the party scene really dies down.

Now I always put a lot of time and effort into what I wear, but tonight was going to be extra special. See I can kinda be a bitch, and my one friends has been pissing me off, and her brother was going to be there at the party so I wanted to look extra hawt so I could snag him in front of her. I know that would really chap her ass – hee hee. I have only seen her brother in pictures, and trust me he is super hot, but from what I heard about him he sounded like a package deal. He makes great money building houses for his uncle's company. So let's put this all together physical labor = big strong muscles + great paying job + plus adorable face = one fine fuck buddy!

See my friend gets all pissy cuz I know she would like to have the kind of fun I have, she's practically married to the same boyfriend she had since high school. She wishes she could go out and party and play like I do. Sometimes I'll complain about the boys I party with, sure they're good for a night of fun but not much else. Sometimes I want something more substantial, I’m not exactly saying committed relationship, but someone I know I can call up again and again and know a good time will be had. That means most likely someone a little older and with a good steady job, so I know I'll always have my drinks paid for. Nothing irks me more than a guy thinking he doesn't have to buy me my drinks. So what if I don't drink beer and I like the expensive frou frou cocktails, it shows the guy has class when he pays for me. And then they wonder why I don't call them back. Whenever I complain about that she'll always bring up that her older brother is single. She'll tell me he is tall and handsome and has a good job, but then she'll say “Oh wait, he doesn't go for wild girls, it wouldn't work for you!”. Bitch. I'll show her how much her brother would want me – hee hee!

So I go to the party looking extra hot. I'm wearing this great lace mini skirt, it's black and cream. Then I have on this super hot black tube top with it. For shoes I have these to-die-for metallic pewter heels. They are so cute with an an ankle strap ( I love an ankle strap on my shoes) and then ruffles going down my foot to the toe strap. People stop me all the time to tell me how great those shoes are. So I know I won't be easily missed. I recognize her brother right away, I have seen him in pictures on facebook. I smile at my friend and say “oh isn't that your brother across the way? Aren't you going to introduce me?” She gives me a look, and I know she is already starting to simmer. “I can't right now I'm putting out the party favors.” she tells me. Ha! “It's ok, I'll go say hi to him by myself.” She gives me this look like I better stay away but I walk off before she can say anything. Her brother sees me coming, and why wouldn't he? What guy wouldn't notice a super hot girl dressed to the 9's coming his way. He looks me up and down and smiles. He's standing by the drinks. “Hi,” I say “You do know how to make a screaming orgasm don't you?” He smiles before he answers me “In what sense are you asking me?” I pour myself a drink and take a sip, “Good question.” I say and walk off. Hahahaha! I love that move. I didn't turn around to see but you know he's jaw was on the floor. I love leaving them hanging like that, its always so fun. I completely ignore him for about an hour and I know he is scratching his head. I watched out of the corner of my eye one girl after another try to get his attention. Every time one would go up and talk to him they tried so hard to get his eyes off of me and onto to them. But none of the other girls have the kind of game I do. I wasn't worried, I just laughed to myself each time as each girl became discouraged and left. He couldn't pay any attention to them, he was too focused on me. I bet he was wondering why I walked off or when I was coming back. Men can be so egotistical, it always takes them a moment to see that the ball was dropped in their court and they are going to have to work for it.

Well after an hour he figured it out. He cornered me as I came out of the bathroom. “Is that all you were going to say to me?” he asked. I just smirked at him. “Well the answer is yes... I know how to “make one”.” “Is that so?” I say. “Don't believe me huh? Maybe you'd like a demonstration?” He slid his hand down my back and rested it on my ass as he spoke. He looked at me for my reply but I just kept smirking. He took my hand off his ass. “I didn't say stop.” I told him. “yeah well, I’m not hearing go either.” he replied. I placed my arms around his neck. “Ok....” I looked around to see his sister and found that she was staring right at us. Her brother didn't see her, his back was to her, but I sure saw her burning up. I leaned in closer. “...Go!” I whispered into his ear. He immediately started planting kisses up and down my neck, which I love! We made out real hot and heavy for about 2 minutes, and then he stops, he looks around and shuffles us into a nearby corner. We're out of the way now and less visible but by no means unable to seen by the rest of the party. That's when he slides his hand up my skirt and starts rubbing my clit through my panties. The fact that if anyone decides to pay a little closer attention would know he's finger fucking me in front of everyone made my pussy even wetter. He slide his hands under my panties and slipped 2 fingers into my wet little snatch. I couldn't help but moan, but before anyone cold catch on he kissed me real deep on the mouth so now one cold hear me moaning with pleasure. He jabbed me with his rock hard cock, it felt so nice and thick. I know he really wanted to slip it in me. “Your pussy feels so tight!” He breathed into my ear and finger fucked me even harder. I tried to reach down to rub his fat cock through his pants but he grabbed my wrists and held them against the wall. He must have been too excited and didn't want me to cause a mess in his pants. I can't really blame him though since I was just as excited and actually did make a mess. I couldn't help it he finger fucked so well, I just came right then and there. I was actually kinda embarrassed it went this far. What if someone noticed the cum dripping down my leg?

My friend's brother wasn't done though. He had to stick his manhood in me. He licked his fingers clean and the pulled me by my wrist. He dragged me across the house until he found an empty room. I was getting all turned all over again, I hate when guys pussy foot around, but this guy knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it. We found an empty bed room and went inside. He locked the door behind us and the tossed me on the bed. How long has it been since I was fucked by a real man, not any of these stupid, half drunk frat boys? My friends' brother climbed on top of me and started kissing me. We made out as he took our clothes off. When I was just down to panties he started kissing down my body and when he got close to my panties he ripped them off and held my legs apart. I always get a little nervous before a guy eats me out, it makes me shake so uncontrollably, I look like someone with epilepsy. He licked right up the center, from the bottom of my hole right up to my clit and I no longer had control of my body. After a few minuets of that he whips his hard junk out. And man was it massive. It was fat 9 incher! I got a little scared, the biggest one I had in me was 7 and I thought was plenty big. He picks me up and repositions me onto his face, then starts licking my cunt as he shoves my head down on his cock. I freeze up a little afraid of its size, but then his tongue hits just the right spot and I become weak. He shoves my head all the way down onto his cock, it was bad enough I was nervous but my mouth gets plugged up with his big dick as I was screaming with pleasure. My throat was more open then I was prepared for and immediately took his cock farther in then I was ready for. I start to gag and cough. But he doesn't let up. I could hardly breath, it didn't help that he just kept licking me in all the right places. I was running out of breath and on the verge of an intense orgasm, the combination was making me delirious. The next thing I knew I was on my back feeling my pussy get stretched like never before.

My friends brother was trying slip his cock in my tight hole, but I have never had one as big as him before. “Your so fucking tight!” he exclaimed when I looked up at him. He had only just worked the head up in my pussy. I was hoping he would ease it in more slowly, but he was too excited now. Once he managed to work the head in he forced it the rest of the way up, and started nailing me to the back board. It kinda hurt at first, but got better and better by the end of it. He was such an animal the way he fucked, I felt I was just along for the ride – but what a ride it was! I came twice. A small one at first – it did kinda hurt, but after that one all the pain melted away and I was left with just pleasure. I squirted all over his cock. The sight of my pussy gushing brought him over the edge. He tried to pull out since we forgot all about a condemn. I think he wanted to make it to my tits but blew his load before he could. He splooged all over my thighs instead. A moment later he feel over on top of me and we both passed out for a little. Needless to say his sister was pissed, but just as I had predicted, her brother did in fact, go for wild girls!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nite Flirt eh?

So my friends told me about this site called NiteFlirt, where basically I make a listing, post some pics and men pay to talk to me! They told me because they knew I would be perfect for it. Some of my gal pals are wild, and yes even a little a kinky but none of them as as kinky and wild as me, so they got shy at the thought of talking to strangers over the phone even if they were getting paid for it. Not me! There is very little out there that will make me blush. And since I like to go out and party a lot I may as well earn some spending money while I have fun. I'm so happy to have an outlet for my wild side. I go to collage and do the whole “good student thing” but man does that shit get old. I love to party and play, and I love talking about it, but sometimes my friends tell me I need to reel it in and hit the books harder than I’m hitting the dance floor. Screw that, I know how to work and play at the same time, I can have my cake and eat it too. I'm wild, imaginative and very open minded and a lot of other things too, but let's get one thing straight I may be a lot of things but I am no one's bitch! Don't call me up expecting me to want to beg for your sad cock! Show some respect, I don't take orders! I love telling guys what to do, but we don't have to worry about orders either. Sometimes the best thing is just to role play a fantasy. I know one of mine is seducing my super hot professor. I don't care that he has a wife, I dream about it in class, getting fucked over my desk by my super sexy professor.... mmmmm... I'm getting hot just thinking about.... you should phone me up...