Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sissy Boi Jim

Sissies are so much fun to play with especially the one I played with the other night. I loved making this little sissy feel like a dirty little whore. She said she wanted to take my strap on, as if I would just bend her over and do what she likes – HA! I made her work for it first. After whipping her into shape, I dug my longs shiny fingernails into her back, scratching along the red lines across her back. I loved making her flinch as I scraped her worn flesh with my nails, and boy did that get her wet! Such a little hussy, time to paint her face like the hussy slut she is. I made her put on coats of this trashy red lipstick, only a straight up street walker would wear, lol. See when I make someone suck on my plastic dick, I like to know just how far down they can actually take it. I was pleased to see a red ring of lipstick right around the base of my long cock. As her reward I fucked the shit out of her slutty mouth. I know she wanted more. I made that little girly boi gag on my cock, and then when the little bitch was coughing and struggling for air, I turned her around and pulled her little pink panties down and fucked her like the sissy slut she is. You want to be my pretty little play thing too don't you? Then quit hesitating and call me, bitch!

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  1. Yes, it's so exciting to be dressed, as a submissive girly boi, by femdom woman. To be seduced, and taken by a beautiful femdom. is every sissy's dream!